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REGISTRATION OPENS ON MARCH 13th FOR ALL CLASSES: Adult Sailing Program: SSYC provides beginner, intermediate and advanced sailing instruction for adults interested in learning to sail or to improve their skills on the water. SSYC membership is not required. Classes are held in June and July. Adult Sailing Instruction Program Director: Ken Gahre, We offer several options to meet your needs, whether you've never sailed, have some experience and want to learn more, or you are an experienced sailor wanting to hone your skills for racing. For Beginner and Intermediate courses we offer several schedule options. Beginning this year, we also offer the US Sailing Association’s First Sail Experience designed for those who just want a taste of sailing to help them decide if learning to sail is for them. All are welcome; you do not need to be an SSYC member to take these courses. Safety: Each sailor must wear a life jacket. Normally each session includes both classroom instruction and sailing practice but we will not sail in unsafe conditions; if lightening threatens or wind is too high. When bad weather precludes sailing we will advance classroom instruction. In case sailing is precluded several times and more sailing practice is needed, make-up sailing sessions will be scheduled. Instructors: Our instructors have completed instructor training and have been tested and certified by the U.S. Sailing Association They have years of experience in sailing and teaching sailing. Many of them are champions and all are enthusiastic. More than anything else, our outstanding instructors make the SSYC Adult Sailing enjoyable and exhilarating. Note that a minimum number of students must register for a scheduled session to be conducted. If the session you registered for is not conducted you will be offered the choice of an alternate session or a refund.

1. First Sail Experience

Think you might enjoy sailing, but are not sure you can make the commitment to learn? You will experience the exhilaration of sailing and get a sample of what it takes to learn to sail in this 2 hour course. Your instructor will explain and demonstrate how to steer and how to trim the sails and then each participant will practice these skills while being coached in a 19-foot, sloop rigged, centerboard boat, the Flying Scot, see for more information on the boat. Life jackets will be provided and must be worn.

Saturday, May 12 - Two hour morning or afternoon session to be determined.

May 12 to May 12, 2018

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2. Adult Beginning Course

No experience needed. Some agility is needed for small boat sailing. We get instruction and practice in the fundamentals of safety, rigging, launching, steering, sail handling, sailing upwind and downwind, tacking and jibbing and docking. Instruction may be tailored to meet needs of individual students. We will demonstrate our new skills by making a flotilla cruise to one of the creeks around the river. This course uses a 10 foot, catboat (i.e. 1 sail), the National 10. A boat is provided for each student. The National 10, affectionately called Turnabout, is very stable, reacts immediately to helm and has just one sail making it a good choice for beginners. The goal of this course is to provide the basic skills needed to sail in moderate conditions.

Jun 03 to Jul 22, 2018

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Jun 05 to Jul 24, 2018

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3. Adult Intermediate Course

The Beginning Course or equivalent experience is prerequisite for this course. The Intermediate course develops our sailing skills, including understanding of sail shape for various wind conditions, finer points of sail trim, crew weight and boat balance for optimal performance in various conditions, coordination of helm and sheet, recognizing wind shifts, gusts and lulls and reacting to these changes. Set, trim, jibe and douse of symmetrical spinnaker will also be covered. Instruction may be tailored to meet the needs of individual students. This course uses the Flying Scot.

Jun 03 to Jul 22, 2018

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Jun 05 to Jul 24, 2018

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4. Adult Advanced Course

Intermediate Course or equivalent experience is prerequisite. This course Is focused on racing. Racing requires constant attention to boat balance, sail trim and recognition of and reaction to wind changes and it provides feedback on how well we are doing relative to other boats, making it a great way to optimize the fine points of sailing skill. Subjects covered include; Understanding and using the Notice of Race (NOR), Sailing Instructions (SI) and Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). We practice racing tactics and techniques to maximize boat speed. Practice will be provided by participation in races. The Thursday evening sessions will race in the SSYC Thursday evening Flying Scot races. For Sunday sessions we will race other members of our class in short 2 or 3 boat races. Coaching will be directed toward the needs of individual students. Each session, each student will have the opportunity to perform each crew position or if desired may concentrate on selected positions.

Jun 07 to Jul 26, 2018

4 remaining (waitlist available) add to order ... $350.00
SSYC Adult Program

SSYC Adult Program

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