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REGISTRATION OPENS ON MARCH 13th FOR ALL CLASSES: Adult Sailing Program: SSYC provides beginner, intermediate and advanced sailing instruction for adults interested in learning to sail or to improve their skills on the water. SSYC membership is not required. Classes are held in June and July. Adult Sailing Instruction Program Director: Ken Gahre, We offer several options to meet your needs, whether you've never sailed, have some experience and want to learn more, or you are an experienced sailor wanting to hone your skills for racing. For Beginner and Intermediate courses we offer several schedule options. Beginning this year, we also offer the US Sailing Association’s First Sail Experience designed for those who just want a taste of sailing to help them decide if learning to sail is for them. All are welcome; you do not need to be an SSYC member to take these courses. Safety: Each sailor must wear a life jacket. Normally each session includes both classroom instruction and sailing practice but we will not sail in unsafe conditions; if lightening threatens or wind is too high. When bad weather precludes sailing we will advance classroom instruction. In case sailing is precluded several times and more sailing practice is needed, make-up sailing sessions will be scheduled. Instructors: Our instructors have completed instructor training and have been tested and certified by the U.S. Sailing Association They have years of experience in sailing and teaching sailing. Many of them are champions and all are enthusiastic. More than anything else, our outstanding instructors make the SSYC Adult Sailing enjoyable and exhilarating. Note that a minimum number of students must register for a scheduled session to be conducted. If the session you registered for is not conducted you will be offered the choice of an alternate session or a refund.

SSYC Adult Program

SSYC Adult Program

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